The power is in your hands with our new Panasonic Wifi Controller and App. Making sure your home is the perfect temperature for when you arrive has never been easier.
Control your air conditioning with our new smart Internet Control device or via your smartphone, tablet or smart desktop phone.
Offering even more functions as if you were standing right in front of your air conditioning unit (start/stop, mode operation, set temperature, room temperature, weekly timer, and more) as well as the new, advanced functionality provided by the Internet Control.


Wifi Connector

Smarter Comfort

A smarter way to control your air conditioner. Anytime, anywhere.

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐control up to 200 air conditioner units from just one mobile device. monitor your indoor air quality, compare and estimate energy usage, and receive notifications for effortless troubleshooting. compatible with android devices 4.4 or above and ios 9.0 or above and downloadable from google play or the apple app store. 


Set To Perfection

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐panasonic wlan air conditioner controller enables you to monitor and manage your air conditioners and their energy consumption with ease and convenience.

get the temperature at home perfect by monitoring real time indoor and outdoor temperatures. adjust one unit or two hundred, the wlan controller and comfort cloud app caters to air conditioning needs big and small!


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