maximising your cooling comfort is now a breeze with our network-enabled air conditioners with panasonic’s comfort cloud and smart voice control.

  • Turn on/off air conditioners
  • Change mode
  • Adjust temperature
  • Check current air conditioner status
  • Convenient hands-free control
  • Set and customise routine function on the speakers

*WiFi kit required for indoor unit, see here3d精华布衣天下123456天齐 for details. WiFi network and compatible Smartphone also required.

Wifi Connector

Smarter Comfort

Other Features

1. mode selection

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐2. change fan speed

3. change airflow direction

4. powerful mode

5. error code notification and identification

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐6. user's control rights


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