33L Double Hex ECONAVI Dehumidifier

our most energy efficient dehumidifier with double hex technology, improves water removal efficiency and can remove up to 33l a day while minimising energy usage.

between wet weather and outdoor sports, winter often sees the laundry pile up around the house. simplify life and get rid of the damp fabric smell in your home with the ywp33n dehumidifier. it works as a quick and efficient clothes drier extracting moisture from the clothes and reducing those winter laundry backlogs. this premium dehumidifier also features nanoe™; panasonic’s original air purification system. nanoe™ are tiny electrostatic atomized water particles which help purify and improve air quality. the benefits of this technology include deodorising the air, removing smells and pollens, and inhibiting airborne viruses. additionally, the cleaner air offsets the drying effect other dehumidifiers can have on the skin.


27L ECONAVI Super Alleru-buster Dehumidifier

panasonic’s f-ycl27n dehumidifier features econavi, a super alleru-buster filter, and an intelligent dryness monitoring system, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment in your home.

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐the f-ycl27n's filter is equipped with an anti-bacteria enzyme which inactivates allergens, and keeps your home free of bacteria and mould.

revolutionary econavi technology means the f-ycl27n only switches on when needed, maximising energy efficiency and reducing your power bill.

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐the f-ycl27n has a 5l tank and is capable of draining 27l in a 24 hour period. it also has the capability to continuously drain for up to 24 hours. for extra peace of mind, this dehumidifier comes with an autostop function giving you extra control over your energy usage.


17L User-Friendly Dehumidifier

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐protect your home and furnishings from harmful mould, dust mites and other potential allergens. the hard-working f-ycl17n quietly removes up to 17 litres of excess moisture every day.

it also protects your family's health and keeps furnishings free of dampness and odour.

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐lightweight and portable, with rolling castors, the f-ycl17n moves where needed to effectively eliminate moisture in any room.

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐the user-friendly design puts you in control; simply set the timer to switch the unit on and off as needed.

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