.whether you want heating or cooling for one, a few or all the rooms in your home, panasonic air conditioning has a solution for you.

check out our heat pumps, multi room solutions, and ducted systems and book a free, no obligation consultation with a panasonic air conditioning professional.


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Heat or Cool a single room

if you want a heating and cooling solution for just one room in your home, a panasonic heat pump or floor mounted console are great options.

energy efficient, our heat pumps and floor mounted consoles are designed to provide premium heating and cooling to specific areas of your home with minimal space disruption.

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Heat or Cool multiple rooms

multi room systems are the most simple and straightforward way to air condition multiple rooms in your home via an external unit and two or more internally mounted units. this is a cost effective option which causes little disruption to the home and takes up only a small amount of space on the wall.

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Heat or Cool entire house

panasonic ducted systems deliver air through ducting pipes (usually in the ceiling) into each room via vents in the floor, wall or ceiling. panasonic ducted systems are very discreet and have been designed with flexibility in mind, which is extremely helpful when designing a system for your home, and also makes installation much easier. a panasonic ducted air conditioner provides years of comfort and adds value to your home.

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