we back our products and we understand that air conditioning is an investment that should last.

3d精华布衣天下123456天齐that's why all of our panasonic air conditioning products are guaranteed with a 5 year warranty.


New Zealand Warranty (Air Conditioning) Terms and Conditions 

1. Warranties are valid only in New Zealand.

2. The air conditioning product is warranted for labour and parts for 5 years from the date of purchase.

3. Warranties are for normal use only and exclude any defect or injury caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect,
accidental damage, improper voltage, improper installation, vermin infestation or any alteration which affects the reliability
or performance of the unit, not attributable to faulty manufacture, parts and labour.

4. Warranty Exclusions
(a) Acts of God, misuse, negligence, natural disaster. (i.e. Hail, Lightning, Flood, Fire etc)
(b) Rust or damage caused by exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions. (i.e. Salt and Sulphur)
(c) Where serviced by an unauthorised centre without permission from Panasonic New Zealand Ltd.
(d) Where a unit is installed incorrectly, or by unqualified persons.
(e) Failure is due to improper or faulty installation.
(f) Failure due to improper maintenance by customer. (Refer to maintenance section of Operating Instructions)
(g) No fault found service calls where the perceived problem is explained within the Operating Instructions or the
troubleshooting section of the Operating Instructions.
(h) Costs associated with delivery, handling, freighting or damage to the product in transit.
(i) Equipment installed in a mobile application. (e.g. Caravan)
(j) Consumable items. (e.g. Batteries and Filters)
(k) Any product imported other than by Panasonic New Zealand Limited.
(l) Any inflated labour costs or equipment costs associated with gaining access to equipment due to difficult situations and
or restricted or unsafe locations. (e.g. Crane Hire)
(m) Operation outside of the operating conditions specified by Panasonic New Zealand Ltd or in an environment where the
expected performance does not meet the primary design function of the equipment. (e.g. Glass Houses, Wine Cellars)

5. Service may be refused if the unit is not installed with compliance to the relevant New Zealand Standards, including, but not
limited to AS/NZS3000, AS/NZS3008 and AS/NZS1668.

6. If warranty service is required you should:
(a) Contact the Panasonic Authorised Air Conditioning Dealer from where you purchased the product.
(b) Contact your nearest Panasonic Authorised Air Conditioning Service Agent.
(c) Provide a copy of your purchase receipt as proof of purchase date.
(d) Provide your warranty card with full details (every Panasonic Air Conditioning product is accompanied by a warranty card).
(e) Note that home service is available within the normal operating hours and area of your Panasonic Authorised Air
Conditioning Dealer/Service Agent and that service outside the normal operating area of the Panasonic Authorised Air
Conditioning Dealer/Service Agent will incur a travelling fee from that Dealer/Service Agent. (Maximum of 50 km radius)

Unless otherwise specified to the consumer, the benefits conferred by warranties are additional to any consumer
protection provisions contained in New Zealand Government legislation and all other obligations and liabilities on the part of the
manufacturer or supplier and nothing contained herein shall restrict or modify such rights, remedies, obligations or liabilities.
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